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"Before I was ordering from another meal prep company and it legit tasted like frozen food to me. This stuff tastes so much more fresh!"

-Sally, Bootcamp instructor 

 “Honestly, it's the best tasting meal prep company that I have tried. I have tried many. Love the variety in menu, how the meals are cozy, fresh and customized when needed. Whether I am prepping for a competition or in off-season, it's just like a home made meal.”



“A huge thank you to my meal prep for these delicious meals! If you’re prepping for a show, trying to get ready for the beach or just don’t have time to cook make sure to visit and order these delicious healthy meals.”


"Everything is excellent, great f*cking job!!! I can't wait to eat my next meal everytime it's an awesome feeling. It's like I can't wait for breakfast even on my no carb days."


Many people think organic food and they think tasteless. Honestly, I was one of those people. Then I had My Meal Prep and I was proven wrong. Not only is their food delicious and full of flavor it's good for you too and prepared with care. If you're short on time and health conscious then My Meal Prep is the way to go!


My girlfriend got me into trying your company. She has tried many, and I have tried them as well with her. I was never happy because I am big in taste. This by far is the best tasting, and at the same time fresh and clean.

-Johnny Ly

"Everything Martine makes is absolutely delicious!! I've tried many meal services and My Meal Prep is by far the best. All about flavor without the spice!! Also she will make whatever adjustments you want and if you know me you know I am so beyond picky. I highly recommend everyone give this a try!" 

-Katie of KaShe Dance and Designs