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“I highly recommend My Meal Prep. All fresh and healthy nothing frozen. A delish way to lose weight; so yummy you wouldn’t think you are dieting.”

- LOLI PICHARDO, NPC Bikini Competitor/Busy Mom



  Busy #NewYorkers, this delicious meal I’m eating combines 3 of my favorite things: #cleanfoods #entrepreneurship & #girlpower. The owner of this meal prep company is a 22-year old college student who makes prepared foods for #bodybuilder & #athletes. Most importantly, it’s fucking delicious food - said by a former restaurateur. I am eating  Meatless Italian meatballs {made with tofu} w/brown rice noodles, tomato basil sauce and roasted asparagus by @my_mealprep @stephsterling can you believe I’m eating brown rice noodles?! 320 calories 23grams protein = healthy fit lifestyle. 

-Dr. Darcy Sterling 

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"Sure wish I had prepared, customized, healthy meals for the week delivered to me to help me with my training. WAIT, I DO! Thank you My Meal Prep"  - Jesse Korman, Traveler/Photographer 

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“Superior in quality and taste than any other meal prep I have tried. Keep up the good work” - Jeremy, Lawyer/NPC Physique Competitor