30 Day Primal Reset (10 meals weekly)

30 Day Primal Reset (10 meals weekly)


10 paleo meals and snacks + instant e-book download!

What's included?

  • 4 weeks of healthy, delicious, paleo meals delivered every Sunday evening for 4 weeks. (10 meals and 1 healthy grain free snack)

  • Option to choose your own meals from our seasonal menu that changes weekly!

  • INSTANT EBOOK DOWNLOAD including 30 day primal reset guidelines, sample meal plans, & much more!

For questions or payments plans send us an email: mymealpreporder@gmail.com

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Why do a Primal Reset? 

Paleo is more than just a fad diet, it is a lifestyle based off of scientific facts and our evolution. 

The Paleo Diet aims to heal and/or prevent modern day chronic diseases brought on by our "Paleo Deficit Disorder" by eating whole, nutrient dense foods. It can work as an elimination diet  by identifying food allergens or sensitivities (i.e. gluten, dairy, sugar) that could have been prohibiting weight loss or causing other symptoms such as problems with: digestion, skin, mood swings, sleep, fatigue, or major health concerns. 

Take control of your health and challenge yourself for a 30 day reset!  

As a result of this diet you might start to lose weight...naturally, become stronger, have more mental clarity, improved mood and better quality sleep.