Food Guide

NEW Dietary Guideline Suggestions for 2018: 

  • Add variety to your diet: eat a rainbow of veggies and wide variety quality proteins

  • Basic Meal timing: 4-6 smalls meals per day every 2.5-3 hours

  • NO added sugars: keep sugar to a maximum of 15grams per day

  • PEGAN DIET GUIDELINES: This is a paleo + plant based diet combo! meaning some meals shoulder consume no animal proteins or dairy.


  • Eat real, Whole FRESH Foods for 28 days: nothing from a package or frozen/prepared

  • Remove potential allergens from your diet: greatly reduce or eliminate dairy and gluten  for 28 days (I.e. elimination diet, or AIP protocol)

  • SUGAR DETOX:  even limit fruit to maximum of 1 serving per day 

  • NO alcohol!! 

  • REDUCE CARBS: limit carb intake to pre/post workout meals only OR simply cut the amount you have been consuming in half. 

  • Temporary structure: eat portion controlled meals, loosely count your calories or weigh out food, and be mindful of how you feel and react to different foods and serving sizes

Macro Guide:

PLEASE READ: Do not obsess over macro breakdown, grams, calories etc. That is not the point of this. The point is to change your lifestyle and add in healthy habits + foods in a way that works for you. This is not intended to be a crash diet that is forgotten after 28 days. I hope the lessons learned here make a lasting change! Once these healthy habits are put into place then you can worry about trying more advanced diet strategies such as macros, fasting, & specific diets etc. 


  • 4g carbs per ounce

  • 4g protein per ounce

  • 9g fat per ounce

  • 7g alcohol per ounce


Calculation: BW x 0.8-1.0 = grams of protein


Place COMPLEX carbohydrates around your workouts. 

SIMPLE "quick digesting" carbohydrates should be placed POST workout 


  • Low Intensity = less than 75 grams carbs 
  • Moderate Intensity = 100 grams carbs 
  • High Intensity = 150-200 grams carbs  


  • Aim for 25-30 grams of fiber per day. 

  • If you are coming from a very low fiber diet SLOWLY increase by 5-10 grams per week. 

Healthy Fats

This might be the most important and most commonly over looked macro nutrient. Aim to increase your omega 3 fatty acids.

Ex. organic raw hemp seeds, high quality fish oil supplement, wild caught fatty fish

***For more information on macronutrients and micronutrients check out my Nutrition 101 blog posts. 

Food Shop 101

1) Only shop the perimeter of the store. The middle is filled with junk that we do not need!! 

2) Money Saving Tips: shop at farmers markets for fresh fruits and veggies and buy in bulk at BJ's or Costco. 

3) Go shopping with a plan to minimize food waste and money waste. Only buy what you know you will need.

Good thing with buying protein in bulk is you can freeze it for later use.

For help with meal prepping & food shopping you can check out this blog post.

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