Week One: Welcoming Change

Let's begin! Week one will be the hardest week of them all because it requires immediate change. Motivation will work to get us started but we really need to tap in to our self discipline to stay strong. Motivation is a feeling and we all know feelings come and go, especially this one. We will revisit this in week two. 

Week one overview: This week we will set personal goals, prepare our minds & fridge for new healthy options, make some healthier but still enjoyable swaps, and get friends on board. 

EARN POINTS: look for the orange font for ways to earn participation points.


1. Set an intention: Assign meaning to your goal. Why are you participating in this 28 day tune up? What do you plan to achieve? How will you make this last? 

Visualize the feeling you will have after putting 100% of your best efforts into this challenge. Every time you go reaching for a donut or feel like putting off meal prepping think about your future self you are letting down. Do this for YOU, no one else. 

*Make a list of 3 things that might interfere with your success along with 3 solutions to these problems. 


2. Pantry Raid: Out of sight out of mind. Get rid of EVERYTHING that can throw you off course and don't buy anything you know you shouldn't have. This rule is only as easy as you let it be.  

*Take a picture or make a list of all the items you throw out and post it to the forum!! 


3. Social/Lifestyle Influences: Get your family on board to either join you or support you. If they can't join you then maybe tell them to hide their bad habits from you while your trying to adapt your new healthy habits. Same goes with friends and people at work. You really have to make a choice to not be influenced by what your co workers are eating or where you crew is going to eat friday night. Bring your own meals and look for healthier options when eating out in a social setting. 

*Get a friend or family member to join during week one and earn 5 points!!  


Make a healthy swap, take a picture, post to the forum and EARN 1 POINT. (you can earn up to 10 points with this challenge) 

Save this to your phone as a reminder!! 

Save this to your phone as a reminder!! 


Here are my explanations and other examples: 

#1 Coffee lovers: 


  • Coffee creamers and crazy drinks from Starbucks are loaded with sugar and calories. 


  • Swap your coffee creamer for unsweetened vanilla almond, cashew, or coconut milk and save hundreds of calories. They even have dairy free coffee creamers available. 
  • Add flavor naturally and use liquid stevia vanilla creme (or even natural vanilla extract) and cinnamon.
  • Switch up coffee for tea
  • Switch up caffeine for starting your morning with a JUICE. (I swear the energy is longer lasting and more real)

Other recipes: 

  • Make a protein frappe! Add 1/2 scoop vanilla protein to your coffee (hot or cold!) 
  • Make a bulletproof coffee: 1/2 tbsp grass fed butter, 1 tbsp MCT oil, dash of cinnamon

#2 Sugary Beverages:


starbucks cals
  • Self explanatory. Unnecessary added calories and sugar. These almost hit the DRI for sugar which is 25 grams.
  • Reminder: In this challenge its 0 grams of added sugar.


  • Drink all natural, unsweetened ice tea
  • Drink flavored water (add lemons, limes etc to your water)
  • Acquire a taste for black coffee 

# 3 Granola Lovers: 


  • We sometimes look for crunch and with crunch is usually tons of sugar and junk. 
GENERAL RULE: You don't want more than 3 grams of sugar in any serving. Exception fruit. 

GENERAL RULE: You don't want more than 3 grams of sugar in any serving. Exception fruit. 

  • Solution
  • Make your own granola instead! Recipe posted here 

# 4 Chocolate Lovers: 

  • Cocoa vs Cacao Cocoa is the highly processed in high heat temperatures form of chocolate. So all the good health benefits are destroyed.
  • Raw cacao powder is made by cold-pressing unroasted cocoa beans which saves the living enzymes found in cacao. This means more fiber, nutrients, health benefits and less sugar, 


  • Choose 100% organic, fair trade, Raw Cacao
  • I like "Lily's no sugar added chocolate", or 70%+ organic fair trade chocolate (from WF or TJ's)
  • Small pieces are good to have on hand when craving something sweet and especially good to have around THAT time of the month for ladies. 
  • Health Benefits: antioxidant, mood booster, healthy fat, magnesium, calcium, iron 

# 5 French Fries Lovers: 


  • A serving of french fries can have up to 27 grams of fat, 60 grams of carbs, 380 calories and NO health benefits.  


  • Make your own BAKED sweet potato fries and play with the seasonings. 
  • You can even find lower carb alternatives from root vegetables, zucchini, and eggplant. 
  • A serving of sweet potato fries is lower in calories, packed with fiber and nutrients, low in fat, and moderate in carbs. 

# 6 Peanut butter lovers:


Peanuts aren't actually nuts they are considered a legume. The problem with legumes are they contain phytic acid which in large quantities inhibits the absorption of key nutrients in digestion. Another problem are the alfatoxins produced by mold. This is why many people have peanut allergies.


Opt for "paleo" nut butter such as almond butter, cashew, walnut, coconut etc. 


Make sure to update us on your progress AND your bumps in the road (because they will be there and that is OK).
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