Week 2: R.I.P. To The Motivation

By now I'm sure you can see that motivation comes and goes. It is not the most reliable fuel to keep you going strong and get you to your end goal. This is where "will power" comes in.

Motivation will get you fired up to start something. Willpower is the conscious effort to make a decision or restrain from impulses. As you train your willpower muscles everyday it will eventually become a little easier. Soon you will become very self discipline- no questions asked, you do what you need to do. In this case you choose to make healthy habits that will last a lifetime rather than give in to temptation and short lived satisfactions.(aka dopamine boosts. {We will dive a bit more into how our hormones and neurotransmitters play a role in this week 3. )

The problem I have with the word willpower is when most of us use it.. we attach a negative meaning to it. It turns into a punishment or something else to criticize ourselves over because we "lack" it. Instead, we have to think about strengthening our willpower muscles to become stronger because we WANT to- not because we have to.


Meathead metaphors to reframing our meaning of willpower: 

Just like building muscle- willpower or healthy habits don't happen over night. First we need a plan:  a structured routine, education, and daily training. Then we work hard and train our muscles in the gym daily to grow + learn new movement patterns. The same applied to adding healthy habit into our diet and lifestyle- we have to train the  new desired habits daily in order for them to become stronger.  Soon it will become a part of our "muscle memory" and we will be able to do it without really thinking about it just like with any given exercise. 

Here are ways you can earn participation points for WEEK TWO: 

1. Just say no and stick to your goals. Whether your saying no to your co-workers who want to grab fast food for lunch or saying no to the box of donuts sitting across from you... Politely decline the temptation and reap the reward later! OR vice versa, note each time you don't feel like practicing a healthy habit such as meal prepping or going to the gym but end up going.

*Own all your personal victories and make note of each time you say no to an unhealthy habit or say yes to a healthy one. go a step further a write down how you felt after! 


2. Get out of your comfort zone. Nothing grows in your comfort zone so let's get comfortable being uncomfortable.  Start everyday with a twist. Here are some examples: 

  • Add in 30 minutes of low intensity cardio or yoga before your first meal. (Fasted cardio) 
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator, don't look for the closest parking spot at the mall... etc. 
  • Drink a green juice instead of coffee in the morning.  
  • Try a new vegetable each week! 
  • Switch up a few meals a week to "plant based" only or try a Meatless Monday dinner 

*Log each time you interrupt your daily routine with a healthy twist. Reflect on this. How did it influence your choices for the rest of the day?




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