do you Want to perform YOUR BEST this year instead of simply JUST “getting by”?

Whether it’s at work or working out, all of us want to feel motivated, energized, & strong. If you want to feel better about your body in your body, then this is the program for you.

january jumpstart

kick off date: 1/07/19

Enrollment is open all January

January Jumpstart Program

January Jumpstart 6 Week Program
from 100.00 every week for 6 weeks

For the past four years, this program has made getting back on track after the holidays easy, stress free, and delicious! You can expect to get leaner, feel more energized, and perform your best!

Program details:

  • 6 weeks of healthy & delicious meals delivered to your doorstep every Sunday

  • customizable meals to match your macros, preferences, and/or specific dietary needs

  • a unique and exciting new menu every week to offer you a delicious variety

  • curated content to help guide and educate you on your journey

  • unlimited support 24/7

How it works:

  • pick the number of meals you want delivered each week

  • one time delivery fee at checkout for Sunday OR Monday delivery

  • option to select your own meals and customize carb or no carb meals (you will receive an email on Thursdays with the weeks menu options)


Nutrition & Wellness Coaching

from 100.00

1 hour consultation: We will discuss your health history and your goals to develop a plan to get your there. This plan includes personalized macros + a sample meal plan (what to eat and when) tailored to meet your unique lifestyle.

One on one coaching: If you want daily support to help implement this change, sign up for monthly coaching. This will help to hold you accountable to what you say you want even when temptation or old patterns start to kick in. We will dive deep to get to the root cause of these patterns that may interfere with your progress. We will reflect on what works and what does not and make any necessary adjustments along the way to be sure you succeed.

1 month coaching:

  • initial goal setting consultation (1 hour)

  • personalized macros + meal plan

  • 45min coaching session each week for 1 month

  • daily check ins text/email

3 month coaching:

  • initial goal setting consultation (1 hour)

  • personalized macros + meal plan

  • 45min coaching session each week for 3 months

  • daily check ins text/email

  • 5% discount on any meal prep orders

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Cold Pressed Organic Bottled Juices
from 32.50

Looking to supplement your healthy diet with cold pressed juices or maybe try a short juice cleanse? Look no further.

We are now offering cold pressed juices, carefully selected to have minimal amounts of sugar from fruit and more micronutrients from vegetables and herbs. All the juices we select are USDA organic certified.

Juices are a great addition to your meal prep order for an extra boost of nutrients and to aid in healthy digestion. We recommend 4-5 per day for a cleanse (juice fast), or 2-3 per day to supplement your healthy diet.

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