What’s the Skinny? Ketogenic Diet Edition

In a world of social media, various diets have emerged from the fitness scene through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. 

Though you may have heard of the ketogenic diet from a trendy Instagram post, it has actually been around for 93 years! Created by Dr. Russell Wilder in 1924, the ketogenic diet was first developed in the Mayo Clinic to treat epilepsy. 

If you’ve ever retweeted, liked a post, or followed a hashtag regarding the ketogenic diet, you’re not alone.

With several diets to choose from, this diet seems to be frequently recommended among social media users and nutritionists alike.  

So what exactly is the ketogenic diet?

Data courtesy of  bodybuilding.com

Data courtesy of bodybuilding.com

In short, a ketogenic diet (referred to as keto for short) is classified as a low-carb diet that is high in fat. Sufficient in protein and low in carbohydrates, the diet ultimately alters the way that energy is balanced throughout your body. 

Through ketosis, the body burns (and becomes reliant on) fatty acids for energy as opposed to carbs. With medical supervision, the diet includes specific meal plans. 

Benefits to a keto diet not only involve weight loss, but also include a more improved, healthier lifestyle.  These health advantages are comprised of increased physical endurance and energy, lowered (or stabilized) glucose levels, acne reduction, lowered (or steadied) blood pressure, reduced risk of disease, improved mental focus, lessened migraines and reduced heartburn.

Long-term health benefits and still high in fat? Sign us up!

Regarding illness ... 

Created in 1994 by the Abraham family, The Charlie Foundation was developed after Charlie Abraham recovered from his recurring seizures due to a five-year ketogenic diet. Proven through this foundation and (medical) written publications, ketosis is considered as an effective epilepsy treatment. It is also proven to reverse type 2 diabetes through lowering blood-sugar.

You might be thinking: This sounds great, but it seems a bit too general. 

Lucky for us, there are variations of the ketogenic diet!

So which one suits me best?

Here are the three most popular keto approaches:

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 1.06.18 PM.png

Love the social media posts and the diet seems right for you? Check out the following links and social media pages for more information on meals and recipes:

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We can’t blame you for loving it; after all, #keto only has over 3 million posts on Instagram alone. Who knew a diet could be so Instagram #famous?!

Written by: Lexi Dairman


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