Get Your Juices Flowing: The Pros and Cons of Juicing 

These days, juice isn’t just for kids!

If you’re looking to shed weight for that upcoming event you have, or if you’re hoping to quickly lose some pounds in general, a Google search has probably led you to some unfavorable, unhealthy alternatives. 

To accomplish fast weight loss in a healthy way, you don’t have to consume whole fruits and vegetables, but you can sip on juices that are made up of the same stuff. The trendy cleanse that has seemingly swept a nation of dieters revolves around just that— juice! Commonly referred to as juicing, a juice cleanse is a short-term “detox” diet in which you will extract and drink fruit and vegetable juices for nutrients. 

While gulping down your favorite fruits and veggies in juice form seems great, you will have to restrain yourself from consuming solid food. 

Yup, all food. 

You may be thinking: there seems to be both beneficial (a fun approach to acquiring the benefits of a blended beverage) and negative (umm, no food?) aspects. 

We agree—so here’s a list of pros and cons to help you decide if juicing is the best diet and cleanse for you! 


1. Immune System Boost

Get your daily dose of fruits and veggies quite easily.

Veggies like carrots and kale obtain important nutrients such as vitamin A and antioxidants which help to regulate the immune system. Orange, apple, tomato and pear juices offer plenty of vitamin C to help kick your common cold. 

Mix these together and you will get some great tasting combinations (carrot-apple-pear juice, for example) paired with a pick-me-up to your immune system. 

2. Drop Extra Water Weight 

A benefit to juicing is freeing yourself of excess water weight. This additional water supply, which is categorized as edema (excess of fluids collecting in bodies’ cavities or tissues), can lead to conditions such as allergies and heart disease. 

Try juicing with watermelon, beets, cabbage and even grapes to create a winning combination that knocks out unnecessary water retention. 

3. Give Your Digestive System A Break

When you take a sip of juice, you are provided with an immediate dose of fiber. But if you were chewing down food, your body would work to break down the nutrients. 

With juices? No breakdown necessary. Your body will better absorb the various nutrients from a liquid form.

4. Flush Toxins Away

Like a good detox will do, juicing attempts to help remove the toxins from your body.

Cranberries are proven to help eliminate bacterial overgrowth, and they can detox and heal the liver. 

For added health benefits, we suggest mixing cranberries, apples and grapefruit into your juice cleanse!

5. Variety 

With juicing, your diet will include an abundance of raw fruits and vegetables. These are extracts that you wouldn’t typically consume on a daily basis.

With increased variety comes additional benefits, so try juicing with fruits and veggies that are foreign to you and your taste buds. 

6. New Diet Kick Off

Get the party started after it ends— diet edition. 

If you’re looking for a way to begin a new diet, detox or lifestyle change after a vacation or weekend getaway, try juicing for the above reasons!

7. Short-Term: Ditch Pounds Quickly

Due to the loss of water weight and lack of carbohydrates and fats, you’ll step on the scale and notice you’ve likely lost a few pounds. However, you will probably gain the weight back since this is a short-term detox.  

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1. Dry Skin

Plan on juicing for a long period of time? This might stop you. 

Associate Chemistry of Aromatherapy Lecturer Antonia Burrell (London College of Fashion) claims that a prolonged juice detox can dry and prematurely age skin due to the absence of essential fatty acids in a juice cleanse. 

2. Lose Muscle Mass

Juicing doesn’t provide you with the imperative proteins that are obtained from food. 

Without the protein and fatty acids that juices lack, the body will look to your muscles to obtain these nutrients.

A lack of muscle mass will ultimately lead to decreased energy, and can result in depression due to the brain missing fatty acids. 

3. Lose Fiber 

Although you will obtain lots of vitamins and minerals, you will lose the fruits and vegetables’ wealth of fiber in the process. 

Fiber makes your food digest slowly, causing a steady spike of insulin along with sustainable energy. Without fiber, juices have the potential to be digested as a quick carb with a high insulin spike, which will give you a rush of energy— likely followed by a crash. 

The fiber loss rundown: Juicing removes necessary fiber from your diet. 

Solution: The NutriBullet will save the pulp, and therefore save the fiber!

4. Hungry Turns to Hangry

A very wise person once said, “I apologize for what I said when I was hungry.”

There’s no doubt about it: you’ll probably feel starved if you stick to a strict juice cleanse.

While some juices can have the same amount of calories and nutrients as a full blown meal, you may not feel the same fullness (or satisfaction) you experience when you indulge in a cheeseburger or veggie panini.  

We’ve all been there at some point or another. With malnutrition comes the inevitable wave of utter crabbiness, and nothing is safe in our wrath of hunger. 

5. Long-Term: You Might Not Lose Weight

Juices can actually obtain more sugar than whole fruits and vegetables, so you can potentially gain weight due to an extra load of calories, special thanks to sugar. 

And we can’t fail to mention/repeat— as soon as you begin eating solid foods again, you’ll begin to gain the weight back, too. 

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The Takeaway:

It seems clear: if you’re looking to lose weight quickly, juicing could be for you!

And if you’d simply like a quick health boost, perhaps a few juices per week will get the job done. 

In general, if you’re looking into starting a juice cleanse, it’s not a poor plan. But we recommend neither exceeding three days nor continuing for fat loss (since what you'll end up with is a quick carb sugar drink, and probably weight gain).

Recipes by Kristen Brunello. Recovery Coach & Yoga Instructor.  Find her at  and

Recipes by Kristen Brunello. Recovery Coach & Yoga Instructor.

Find her at and

Written by: Lexi Dairman