Date Night for the Fit Couple

Are you:

A. Tired of frequenting the same places for date night? 

B. Bored of date nights at the movie theater?

C. Sick of just sitting around on every date?

D. All of the above?

If you identify with any of these answers, you are in need of a new date night spot!

To bring some spark back to your romance while simultaneously keeping you active, here are eight date night ideas for the fit couple:

1. Pedal Boating

For the nature-loving fit couple

Warm summer night? Check!

Take a romantic stroll (or drive) to your local park or lake that rents out paddle boats. 

While paddling typically takes four people and eight-legged power, you and your significant other will relax as you give those four legs some quality exercise.

What’s more peaceful than the water and sky, and nicer than the comfort of your best friend? There’s no better workout than a date night workout.

Tip: Just like pool floats, paddle boats have also come a long way in terms of style— find an entertaining paddle boat such as a swan for an extra laugh. 

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2. Indoor Rock Climbing

For the daring fit couple

Your date might give you butterflies, but nothing gets your heart pumping and your adrenaline rushing quite like rock climbing. 

Work up a sweat climbing the walls and build chemistry while doing it! And while you’re at it, you can recreate the iconic Spider-Man kiss (if you’re feeling risky).  

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There are several indoor rock climbing gyms located in many states, and it’s likely that there’s one a close drive away. 

Tip: Are you a competitive couple? 

Race each other to the top! You’ll forget about the exercise and keep your eyes on the prize: winning.

Stairway To Heaven Trail  Vernon, NJ

Stairway To Heaven Trail

Vernon, NJ

3. Hiking

For the adventurous fit couple

Make a “must-hike” bucket list and start exploring. Hiking is a great way to get outdoors, burn calories, find new places, take in the nature and enjoy each other’s company.

Tip: Bring picnic supplies and pack a snack. Find a spot with views almost as beautiful as your significant other, and you both can continue on your journey by fueling with food.

4. Salsa Dancing Lesson

For the music-loving fit couple

Got rhythm but can use some work on your moves? Sign up for a lesson in Salsa (or any form of intensive dance will do). 

Learning this social dance won’t be as hard as it may seem, and you’ll have lots of fun while also burning calories.

There are many studios that offer dance lessons for adults, so sign up for date night, today!

Tip: Take what you’ve learned from class and practice at home. Keep perfecting the routine and show off your dance moves at your go-to club. 

5. Ice Skating

For the sporty fit couple

A winter classic, ice skating never disappoints. It takes skill to balance and glide your way around the ice (you’ll find me hanging on the edge of the rink’s walls), so hold your date’s hand and savor the moment. 

Check your local ice arena for “free skate” times!

Tip: Comfort is key, and if your partner doesn’t love you in your giant puffer parka, then he or she doesn’t deserve your love at all.

6. Home Cooked Meal

For the foodie fit couple

Calling all those couples on restricted diets!

Are you and your partner longing to keep the spark alive while trying to keep to a specific diet routine? To shake things up, try bringing the dinner date home to you. 

The perks of getting to eat at home? Make the meal together!

More than half the battle of staying fit is proper nutrition, so use this as an opportunity to cook a healthy, delicious meal while having an intimate date night.













7. Laser Tag

For the quirky, kid-at-heart fit couple

Take a stroll down memory lane and bring date night to your local arcade or kids’ party venue. Laser tag is the best way to get into your competitive zone while running around blindly. 

Tip: There are no true losers in laser tag— it’s too exciting. Forget about your responsibilities and let your inner child free. 

8. Bonus: Beer Bike Tour

For the bar-frequenting fit couple

It’s quite difficult to explain how sensational this is— so I’ll let this photo do the majority of the talking: 

Image via

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Essentially, you pedal a bike while you drink. Exercise and beer? Genius. 

The kicker: it has pretty limited accessibility, considering it’s only located in a few states and in various European countries. But if you’re planning on visiting any place that offers a beer bike tour— do try this for date night.

Now that you’ve got options, it’s time to plan your next date! 

Regardless of which activity you pick, you’re in for an incredibly fit, fun night.

By Lexi Dairman