Beet the Blues: Benefits of Beets

Feeling blue?

Is it a lack of proper nutrition or exercise keeping you down? 

Regardless of the reason, cure your blues with a health boost courtesy of beets

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For years, nutritionists have pointed to beets as a superfood. But watch out, kale, even the Los Angeles Times recently reported that beets are, in fact, making a major comeback. 

Assuming beets weren’t your favorite veggie growing up, we believe you’ll give them a second (or possibly first) chance when you finish reading their amazing health benefits!

What makes beets so unbeatable?

Packed with important nutrients such as potassium, iron, nitrates and betaine, and rich in vitamins B and C, beets provide benefits that are essential to your long-term health.

Still not convinced?

Here are five reasons why beets are super beneficial:

One: They’ll help your heart beet

Seriously, beets are very good for your immune system and heart health. 

Proven to lower triglycerides and cholesterol, beets increase HDL cholesterol (a healthy type of cholesterol that fights against high levels of triglycerides— which cause heart related problems). 

And the fiber in beets? It helps to reduce bad cholesterol. 

Our Conclusion:

Consumption of beets= Good cholesterol= Happy heart!

Two: Your liver will thank you.

Betaine, an amino acid, not only works to help your heart, but also serves to reduce the liver’s fat build-up. Another benefit: it can stimulate your liver more steadily.

Three: Caffeine won’t be necessary.

Beet it, Red Bull! Beets provide the sufficient nutrients to expand your endurance. This healthy way of obtaining increased energy levels comes with more added benefits than a cup of coffee. 

You don’t have to ditch your favorite cold brew, but consuming beets will positively affect your health in the long run.

Four: You’ll continue seeing the world, literally.

With the antioxidant lutein, beets aid in protecting eyes from cataracts and macular degeneration. Also found in beets, phytochemicals work to improve nerve tissues related to eyes.

Eye see you, beets!

Five: You can prevent disease and illness. 

Through medical studies, the nutrients in beets are proven to help prevent cardiovascular disease (and strokes) and colon, skin and lung cancers.

Superfood or superhero? 

Ready to make beets your new go-to veggie? Here’s a delicious recipe from Whole Foods Market to get you started:   

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With all said and done, it’s quite simple: you can’t beat beets (or their puns)!

Written by: Lexi Dairman


**If you experience kidney or gallbladder problems, you should avoid the consumption of beets due to oxalates, an acid that can contribute to these health issues.**