What makes MMP pancakes special?

A lot of people ask what our protein pancake mix is made of. They are usually SHOCKED to find out how simple and healthy they are. Especially after they get a taste! 

Where it all began....

While trying to improve my health, lose some weight, and optimize my performance in the gym I was always looking for the best possible way to fuel my body. I believe the only standard rule for "healthy" nutrition is to consume local, whole, organic when possible, unrefined foods. BUT I also believe BALANCE IS KEY. With balance comes pancakes. As I searched for healthier pancake options I wasn't loving the labels I was coming across. I tried almost every protein pancake mix on the market and ended up with extreme stomach discomfort that sometimes lasted days. The worst part was they were NOT worth the calories or the upset stomach. Most of them left an unpleasant, chemical after taste in my mouth that was far from all natural. So, I started to make my own pancake mix using only the ingredients I felt were necessary to make a simple, delicious, and healthy pancake. 

protein pancakes

For me, the less ingredients the better and the safer a product is. Minimalist at its best, this pancake mix is low in calories but high in nutrients and an excellent source of dietary fiber! 

No fillers, additives, preservatives, artificial dyes/flavors, refined white sugars and flours or wheat like most leading brands: 

Popular Protein Pancake Mixes

Popular Protein Pancake Mixes

Sugar is 100% not necessary in a pancake in my opinion. 

protein pancake nutrition

After I sourced my ingredients to meet my high quality standards I adjust the amounts to make the nutrition profile perfect for a healthy, active lifestyle. My favorite time to enjoy my protein pancake mix is post workout to refill glycogen stores and aid in a quick recovery process. 

If you are looking for a clean, no nonsense pancake mix that will properly fuel you and keep you feeling full I suggest giving these a try. 

Written By: Martine Acanfora

Owner of My Meal Prep LLC, Studying Applied Nutrition, A.S. Exercise Science, Certified Mat Pilates & Sports Yoga Instructor