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Hi guys, Martine here. I wanted to personally take a moment to tell you about My Meal Prep's new and improved mission as well as share two campaigns that support the food saving movement with you.

Start by watching this short video:

40% of food in America is wasted. That is almost half!! Food is just so available to us these days we don't even realize how much we take it for granted. It is not only becoming an environmental problem but a problem for our wallets too. A family of four spends $1500 a year on food they don't eat. How many times do you go out to eat and only finish half the plate for whatever reason without thinking about how much time, gas, and water was used to prepare that dish. It is estimated that a half-pound of food waste is created for every meal served. This wasted food isn't going to feed the hungry and less fortunate, it is going to local landfills to rot and produce methane gas. Most of the food lost from restaurants, grocers, retailers, and consumers are perfectly edible but for some reason we suspect they are bad. Americans are used to perfection in their produce. Supermarkets only stock their shelves with the big shiny "supermodel" fruits and veggies. You will often see shoppers digging through apples to find only the perfect ones with no mark or blemish. Truth is are food is NOT always naturally perfect and that is ok. We have strayed so far away from what real food that most can't recognize the plant their food came from or what an organic wild berry actually looks like. 
Becoming aware is the first step in creating change which is why I want to share these two campaigns with you: and you can also follow them on instagram or Facebook @savethefood & @uglyfruitandveg

MMP Takes Action!
As always, this is YOUR meal prep and our ultimate goal is to help make your healthy lifestyle easier, more affordable, and delicious. We do this by sourcing the bulk of our ingredients from local family owned farms, only purchasing the highest of quality ingredients, and making our own sugar free/junk free sauces & dressings from organic ingredients. 

By working with local farms we are able to serve you the best tasting produce with the highest amount of nutrients because it is picked just a few days before it is delivered to you. Aside from the health benefits of eating local and seasonal produce it also impacts the environment by cutting out travel time, cutting out the need to import, protecting water systems, conserving fertile soil, and providing habitat for wildlife. & of course supporting small family owned businesses that actually care is ALWAYS the best route to go! 

We take the time to accommodate every clients individual needs such as: likes/dislikes and specific dietary needs (gluten free, low sodium, contest prep, halal/kosher meat etc.). Our perfectly portioned meals not only help you reach or maintain your health & fitness goals but reduce food waste big time. We don't like to add cups and cups of rice or cheap food fillers to our meals just to fill the container. We only want to include what you will actually consume. So what I ask of you is whether you are ordering prepared meals or preparing them yourself to just become aware about food waste and start to take small steps to minimize your own waste. 

Every small step in the right directions counts.

#1 My Meal Prep is taking steps by asking all of our customers to be as specific as necessary when ordering their meals and we will do our best to work with you. This means if you always throw out the small container of salsa or dressing that comes with your meal to please let us know to leave it out of your order. This will help reduce food and plastic waste and let us know what you guys like/dislike! We encourage all types of feedback and suggestions so we can make the necessary improvements and waste. 

#2 We will also be offering more options for ordering food such as the option of gourmet meals (more elaborate meals) or bodybuilder basics (just your serving of protein, vegetables, & carbs NO frills), and for those who order meals in bulk we now have an option to order full or half sized trays of food.

#3 Optional container recycling is suggested as well- we will label your containers so they are only used for your meals and sanitize them. We hope this will help save containers and eliminate food waste within the company.

#4 The last tip I want to suggest is to SHARE YOUR FOOD! If you have left over MMP meals or even just some berries or basil leaves in your fridge that you know you won't get to before they go bad share them with a friend instead of watching them die.
 I hope this information encourages you to become mindful of all the food that has been and will be wasted and to be grateful for all the great food that is so readily available to us. If you have any suggestions on more ways to help us reduce food waste please let us know!

Thanks for reading :-)