The Big Fat Problem.

The Scene: Over crowded wholesale food store line that is a mile long. Carts are piled high with bulk supplies of food and what not. I'm nosey and obviously examine everyones cart along with their appearance confirming my belief that you are whatcha eat.

The Problem: Besides the obvious poor food choices... are the gallons of rancid/refined/poor quality/cheap oils everyone buys to cook with. The most popular being vegetable, corn, & canola. It's disgusting how much of this I see being bought. This is what your'e getting when you go out to eat. You might be ordering something simple and healthy such as grilled chicken & sautéed spinach but you don't know what they're using to cook with. You can't see it.. it's not a main ingredient in your dish per se.. so what do they care about the quality? I'm sure some of them don't even have the slightest clue how bad these oils actually are.

Here is what you DON'T want and what you're probably getting: 


  • GMO




Vegetable Oils= anything that isn't an animal product. Typically will be a blend of all these oils combined. These oils are made from grains/seeds and much cheaper to produce. They are often even considered healthier options because they contain no saturated fat. Instead, they contain high amounts of omega-6 PUFA - MUCH MORE THAN WE NEED. They are also chemically less stable fats so they easily go rancid. Stressors like heat, oxygen, and light speed up the oxidation process. When this happens the oil becomes almost poisonous to your body doing more harm then good. Oxidized fats are highly inflammatory and can create cellular damage in your body leading to a number of health problems.  


  • CORN



All of these oils are highly refined, contains GMO's, fragile due to the high profile of polyunsaturated FA's (PUFA), and are produced in ways that make the oils go rancid almost immediately. 

When appropriately produced/stored healthy fats can actually bring you numerous health benefits. So it is important to splurge on a pricer bottle of extra virigin olive oil or avocado oil. Oh and coconut oil and grass fed butter are IDEAL for cooking. Saturated fats are very stable which is why they will be solid at room temperature. They also have mucho health benefits, despite common knowledge saturated fat isn't all that bad for you. Buying good quality oil isn't always easy but when you find a trust worthy brand you will know! The quality, smell, and taste will prove it.

Here is what YOU DO want along with some key words to look for when shopping for oil:  

  • Cold Pressed

  • Dark/Glass Bottle

  • Extra Virgin

  • Unrefined

  • Dark Color/Strong Taste


Personally, I struggle to enjoy eating out because of this knowledge. It's a shame even when you think you are making healthier choices something like this can be ruining all your hard work. I encourage you to always ask what kind of oils are used for cooking or in dressings before you eat them. Even local health cafes that offer super healthy vegan paleo green juicing clean menu could be using super low quality ingredients to make dressings/sauces/marinades etc. Trust me, I have asked plenty of places with great reputations in the health/fitness world to only be disappointed to find out they are using vegetable oil blends and Hellman's mayo. 

That is one of the reasons I started my own meal preparation company. To have control over what oils are used and how they are cared for along with making sauces/marinades from scratch to leave out all the unnecessary unhealthy ingredients. You'd be amazed to find out what you're really eating. I hope this articles helps you make healthier choices when shopping/eating out and encourages you to do more research on the foods you consume!