Let's Stop Demonizing Foods

Everyone is quick to demonize a particular food group such as "Fats" or "carbs" or over popularize a food such as "protein" which you find added to everything now. If you are eating a "food" that has "added protein" it already probably isn't a great choice. Mother nature gave us perfect foods. Literally. Protein from chicken, eggs, etc. have all the essential amino acids we need. Carbohydrates such as leafy greens, sweet potatoes... come perfect with a high fiber content for slow digestion. If you look even closer into the nutrient profile of these foods you'll see all the naturally occurring vitamins and minerals inside as well! This is called nutrient synergy. When multiple nutrients work together to produce an effect you won't get from either nutrient alone (Ex. one nutrient helps you absorb another). Best part is you don't even have to worry about what goes with what. Whole foods already have this built in system in place. Isn't that crazy. 

Our body relies on 3 macronutrients to survive and thrive. It needs ALL 3 of them. It is up to us to decide what percentages of each make up our diet but to completely cut one out for no good logical reason besides the fact that it is the current diet trend doesn't really make sense. 

Protein is an essential macronutrient that is used in everything from making enzymes, antibodies, hormones to nutrient transportation and to building and maintaining bone, muscle, cartilage, & skin. Protein can also be used as energy in starvation mode and sometimes converted to glucose if needed. 

Carbohydrates- Your body and your brain literally run off of glucose (found within the blood). It is your immediate energy source for everything from digestion to physically running. It is stored as glycogen in the liver, your muscle, and lastly adipose tissue. When circulating glucose runs low (low blood pressure/low blood volume/low energy) your body will pull from the storage glycogen and convert to glucose. This is important because your brain is powered by glucose and there is no storage form of glucose for the brain so it depends on the glucose circulating in the bloodstream to function. If you go to low on carbs or just super low calories in general (under nourishing your body) you actually risk messing with your metabolism AKA slowing it down and stalling weight loss. Your body thinks you are starving and does everything it can to hold onto the fat it has- for example, glucose is important in converting T4 to T3. Without glucose this will be put on hold (just like if your body was deficient in iodine). You could have a healthy thyroid but just lack the "pieces" necessary for it to function.

Healthy Fats- Help insulate and protect cells in the body. Basically fatty acids make up every cell membrane in the body. They help transports nutrients/metabolites across cell membranes while also acting as a barrier deciding what comes in/out. Also plays important roles in hormones, immunity, nervous system, energy, and satiety. Cholesterol and saturated fats are also pretty damn important. Cholesterol makes up about 25% of the brain and also forms important hormones. AND incase you did not realize or have forgotten every single cell in our body is made from the food molecules we eat. So you literally are what you eat.

Lastly, a little off topic but we need to end the war with salt. I see way to many people trying to avoid salt or other meal prep companies bragging how they use no salt. I'm not saying we need a lot of it or that I enjoy super salty food I'm just saying for most of us it does not need to be avoided. Especially for those who eat clean on the daily and prepare their own meals, table salt can actually be beneficial for you. It is actually recommended for people with low thyroid function or adrenal fatigue. Our body NEEDS iodine to function. Without it your body can not synthesize important thyroid hormones that are responsible for metabolism/endocrine functions. 

IODINE: In the standard american diet iodine deficiency is probably not an issue. Meaning if you are constantly eating out or eating packaged/processed foods- don't worry. But for those who "eat clean" or who have followed the low sodium diet fad then you might want to sprinkle some table salt on your next meal. We actually need this mineral to function. The thyroid (responsible for metabolism/endocrine functions) produces two very important hormones T3 and T4 that require iodine in order to be formed. Also is super important in brain function and fertility. Unless you suffer with high blood pressure you don't need to follow as low sodium diet, especially if you are eating clean most of the time. P.S. Sea salt is not iodized so that would not be considered a source of iodine.