Food Saving Tip of The Week: EGGS🐣

Problem: Trashing one egg = wasting 55 gallons of water😱

Common reasons people waste an egg:

1) They think the yolk is bad for you "watching their cholesterol" or still hung up on the "fat makes you fat" myth.

2)They think the eggs are expired.

Myth Bust + Solution:

1) Don't waste the yolk!!! Just buy liquid egg whites. BUT KNOW THAT: The yolk has more health benefits than you can imagine and throwing it out to use just an egg white should be illegal. Just eating the egg whites can actually cause digestive issues in some people and lacks all the benefits that only come from the yolk. The yolk contains a huge % of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants (better than your multivitamin!) The carotenoids that give the yolk it's bright yellow color are more bioavailable in eggs than veggies because they come packaged with fat! The fat profile is one of the best features of your pasture raised organic egg offering the most usable forms of your omegas and CLA. Last but not least, they are complete source of protein!💪🏻

2) Expiration dates are totally off and misunderstood by consumers. Simple tip: if your egg sink to the bottom of a cup of water it's good to go! If it floats, throw it out.


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