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At My Meal Prep,

we accommodate special dietary needs and provide a convenient way to eat healthier meals without sacrificing flavor. We make great efforts to take part in a sustainable food, and take pride in sourcing local, organic and seasonal ingredients whenever possible. We only use properly raised animals: grass fed beef, organic chicken and turkey, cage free pastured eggs, and sustainable- wild caught fish. All of our menu options are gluten free and we never use inflammatory oils such as canola oil or vegetable oil. Everything is made fresh- from scratch, especially our dressings and marinades to avoid all hidden preservatives and fillers. Owner, Martine Acanfora, plans an entirely new and creative meal prep menu each week based on seasonality and customer feedback. This allows plenty of variety in menu options and makes eating healthy something to look forward to! We have been serving up healthy dishes and helping people reach their health + fitness goals for over 4 years giving us the experience, expertise, and recipes you need to succeed.

About the owner,

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Martine graduated from Montclair State with her BA in Food Systems and an associate degree's in exercise science. She is a certified Pilates instructor through the classical Pilates education program, AFPA Certified Pilates Instructor, and NESTA Certified Sports Yoga instructor. As a trainer and an avid fitness enthusiast, Martine has competed as a NPC bodybuilder in the figure division. She's also competed in Strongman and powerlifting competitions across the Tri-State area. This gives her a unique outlook on the needs, challenges, and results athletes and health seekers are looking for. Her commitment to healthy living doesn't stop at fitness though. Martine has over ten years preparing healthy delicious foods learning from Natural Chefs, caterers, holistic health practitioners. She founded My Meal Prep in 2015 to help busy individuals attain their health + fitness goals without sacrificing flavor (goodbye plain grilled chicken breasts and broccoli!) To learn more about how Martine's coaching and meal delivery can benefit you, click here.

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